Google Search Keyboard Shortcuts

Boost your search productivity with our powerful Chrome extension used daily by 2000+ users

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Keyboard Shortcuts

RESULTER boosts your search productivity with lots of useful and intuitive keyboard shortcuts on Google Search page

Popup Panel

After you open any search result, you can browse the popup panel, which contains the list of all search results. From there you can quickly navigate to another result or the next search page - no need to go back to search engine page.

Simple and efficient

The extension functionality is extremely intuitive and easy to get used to, and adds no overhead to the page loading time

What does the extension provide?

Here's the list of main features:

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Fantastic extension, it works better than I thought it would. It seamless and very performant.

Michael Clark

Very helpful tool. It's exactly what I needed and customer support is very responsive.

Raiko Amaro


E. Cabrera